Friday, October 30, 2009

Bragging rights i guess it is..

Born, Omowunmi Hannah Benjamin Jnr, into a family of eight, the last child of Captain Alexander Alaba and Esther Benjamin. studied audiovisual communications studies from the college of medicine idi-araba, university of Lagos from the department of biomedical studies.

Wunmi’s incursion into entertainment began unlike an average showbiz prodigy, from her father’s sitting room, entertaining her father’s guild of friends and associations alongside her siblings, each time he hosts a gathering in their home, something close to the infamous Vontrap family from the sound of music, her father a choir master and a contemporary music lover initiated wunmi into public appearances and performing from the age of six, singing and reciting memorizations in church and summer camps.

As a precocious little child that she was, she took keen interest in listening to the radio and also would rush to the front of the TV every night to watch the network news, wondering in her little mind how the newscasters could reel out all they said in an hour long show from their heart, reading the newspaper too was part of her, as he siblings took turns in reading at the weekends in her house way back then, opening her up into entertainment, the scandals and stories about entertainers and as each day passed, she was sucked into the media ,in ’97 she heard of a presenter’s audition on raypower 100.5 fm tagged the ”crazy presenter’s competition” an entered for it, though no winner was announced but she ended up being the only participant that was absorbed and trained as a presenter under the watch of Dennis “Da Menace” Ogi and Lola” L Boogie” Mogaji and moved on to become one of the youngest freelance presenter the station produced, she had a brief stint with Rhythm 93.7 fm co-presenting with Loknan “Eldee” Dombin and Steve “shaking steve” Aspelling on the Guiness Dance Party, she later joined Brila fm in 2003 as one of the female voices on the station with the likes of OG Onazi and Fatima Dasilva, leaving barely three months after out of compulsion to have her son. Wunmi has also worked with and contributed in few magazines beginning with Festac breed, a community periodical, Eminence, Phat entertainment magazines and was in charge of the entertainment desk of The Scroll Weekly Magazines for two quarters in ’09.

Through all her broadcasting and journalism adventure ,music has always being a constant in wunmi’s life, listening to rap music with her elder brothers, being rap schooled by the likes of Ruff,Rugged & Raw, and the bombrush crew and Rabbi of Def O’ Clan, singing in the church choir, belonging to a hip-hop group called “Afrocentric click” in the late ‘90s onto early 2000,auditioning for “GIRLS NITE OUT” an all-girl event organized by Ayo Animashaun of SMOOTH PRODUCTIONS and several other events, was all a precursor and also a platform through which she gained competence in the entertainment industry and polished her skill sets she’s worked with Walter Taylaur’s 101 productions as an A&R executive and Personal assistant to Walter Taylaur in ’08, she was the A&R Manager of Bayo Howie T Odusami’s KISS MUSIC from Jan ’09 up until July ‘09

Tending to the careers of the likes of African China, Black Solo, Street Disciple and Deudomariam.

Wunmi, is currently putting in place mechanics to get her entertainment company off the ground come the first quarter of 2010.


  1. Absolute genius... the way you write about yourself in the 3rd person is top-notch. What can i say, you're a true pro in this business.

    Dennis Da Menace, Shaking Steve, Og Onazi, Shy-Shy Shyllon, Ke-ke, D1, L-boogie.... I was a massive fan of Raypower Fm back in the day when it just hit the airwaves; could listen to these guys all say and not even think to it.
    If you hung around these folks; actually worked with and learnt from 'em..... you can safely say you have a FAN in me!

  2. ah!..Doug!.. am humbled.. i did learn @ the feet of 'em masters.. i jus' don't knw wot they've turned presentation and djing to nw...tnx for bin my FAN!...WAOH!