Monday, November 2, 2009


since the Doc placed you in my arms
i knew i had a spectacular man
strong lungs,bones and will
we gon' shine, ride thru the tide
my mistakes..a glorious one
no regrets about you cos
you be da best, u came with a crest
they say we go thru something to get thru something
no sleepin cos u awoken my purpose
my stumbling block now my stepin stone
my comeback's greater than my setbacks
wot mo' can i say?
tnx ma & pa for not bailing out on me
Dad wld you believe ma kid would luv Hymns like you do?
Mom, you are gold indeed,you took my shit
you deserve the crown, you are one amongst many
wot a gold money can't buy
see av better myself no nid to cry

to those kwik to judge me
if you be without no demon o' yours
cast the first stone..aha!
am only abased to admit
now am walkin the road with no regrets
but with crests only bravehearts deserve

Lagos Island Maternity
1.40 pm August 22nd 2003
after 15 hours , forty minutes of burglary proof pullin,
high toned wailing,subconcious praying,
breathing exercises and pushing
my joy bundle showed up
couldn't hold back the euphoria
tears and smiles all at once
since that day my life only got better
now my 6 yr old is a star in every word of it
Luvs music like Maamma and talks non-stop like papa.

this piece is for people like me at some point;confused,afraid and
needy-be be strong,bravehearts make sweethearts,Be u,uncompromising,dogged,rugged
and on point,remember there's always a reward for bravery..

Wunmmie Benjamin

April '07

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