Friday, November 6, 2009

Why i'll love something about you for all time

As far as am concerned Dr Sid has made his first evergreen record with this tune, and am sure my grand kids will still find it relevant when they get me the song is not just a love song, its a piece i believe came out of the abundance of the songwriter's experience with the female folk as he traversed the globe doing what he does (tour performances i guess) and getting to a place with new lady in his life that eventually gives him the aha! which got him confessing and professing how love crazed she got him plus he din't stop there in his desperate plea to this leading lady he paints a futuristic picture of what their life together can be(the hook Don Jazzy mesmerizes with his Oliver De coqueish voice aww!) amongst other things such as

  • my six yr old sings it with ease and am not uncomfortable about it
  • its so clean and positive to the ear, having such a love song to sing in this era of dirty and erotic songs dripping with lewd contents/lyrics... shows that this artiste very concerned about his burgeoning fan base.
  • of cos the beat wizard(Don Jazzy) killed the beat!, the Ebenezer Obey strings on the beat is so over killing..
  • it appeals to even my old folks - when my mama sings it i see this light in her eyes,it gives me so much joy, cos she's always worried about how the emerging 9ja artistes are about shake ur something,hennessy,paraga and the lots seeing her appreciate this song is a very big high for me
  • the hook is stupidly funny and clownish but layed with deep positive confession, afterall when we all pray about our future those things mentioned therein are paert of what we ask,infact its what every single guy or chic wants;a faithful spouse,comfort, bright and intelligent seeds,a happy household with kids that love their parents,wealth and your personal roof that shelters your family, the hook goes:
oya say oyoyo,mommy &daddy oyoyo
our children go say oyoyo
we go get money full the gorodom
we go start to dey live like olowo
we go buy big house for sokoto
our children no go be olodo
no cheating and no ojoro....

imagine singing that part of the song all day everyday?..not even singing it...praying it...for me they are powerful words,we were thot that we'll have what we say in Faith clinics no be so? tell me why i shdn't sing oya oyoyo till i get married to that faithful husby of mine,give Timi efiko siblings like he is already,while at it,still singing it till we build our beach house, have enough wealth to do God's work,bless people and live in our own little heaven we'll create with our wealth and love..ehn?.. tell me na?
NB:to listen something about you by Dr Sid click on my sound cloud link on top part of my page.

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