Friday, January 7, 2011

'08 Journal excerpts..and a piece o' me..

its being a year and two months since i posted anything on here... how i managed to do this i wonder..too!.. that's not to say the world stopped since then.. it was i who stopped on here.. but change is here now.. and that's all that matters.

i have been doing some retrospective thinking a lot since December 2010, during this period for some strange reasons i found me going through my old journals..some of the entries made me laugh, some made me cry and some made me cherish friendships and relationships i formed during the duration of those entries.. especially 'o7 and '08 as i was just getting out of the full time mummy mode..i was still staggering in a lot of aspects.. butta here i am!.. still a work under construction but now my own boss!...i have a company.. yes i do.. more to come about that in recent opening up my innermost on here some vulnerabilities and all.. to what end some might ask... that people might be inspired, learn a thing or two and maybe jus' smile...if this posts goes well according to the comments that will pour in... i jus' might do more excerpts so here y'all a piece o' me.. right here!.. relish, learn or jus' think :

22nd of September 2008

My dearest journal, life has bin going since 15/09/08, I just dint update you…(sorry) am still praying for that equilibrium , balance et al!, had HEHF posters done, we did (walt &I ) NFVCB, I scanned for my ‘P’ and also picked Timi , and all wot nots.. its bin crazy & I don’t see it reducing any sooner, cos I got a vision am working 2wards and all these are very much part of it, am talking work, parenting God & family & friends inclusive! Nothing do us, God is my strength.

Church was great 2day, so was JUST IS GIRLS, am glad I attended the programme.. I learnt a thang or 2 from every speaker,4rm TY Bello,Tara Fela-Durotoye to Funke Buknor- Obruthe 2 Adesuwa Oyenokwe & even Pst M!.

Checked my mails, called Walt, came back home and dat’s it! Am hoping for 4 a brighter and better day 2morrow. I’ve also come to realize that we all have stories, and stories are meant to be told and if we do not tell our stories nobody will tell them and even if pple try. They can’t tell it like us!

3rd of October 2008

Dear journal my boss left the shores of this country since the 29th of last month, of course I’ve bin working, the responsibility is quite enormous , but I b’lieve God dint bring me to the world to be an under performer my job does not really have description attached 2 it lemme jus’ say Walter "Adawaribi" Taylaur's bizness is my business.

Loose Kaynon & HALF EMPTY HALF FULL is my major concern right now, getting Loose into the heart and homes of Nigerians first is my everyday puzzle I try to arrange, I luv my new job, I luv my boss, yes! I repeat I luv my BOSS! For different risns which we’ll get to much later, I am liking his family and am also luving Loose Kaynon our (Walt & I ) label’s baby!... the whole set up is beginning to feel like FAMILY 2 me.

Family, this word I do not joke with, I treat it with gr8 care, I nurture and cater 2 FAMILY, anybody’s pain in it is mine, I share willingly or unwillingly, am loyal 2 FAMILY.. There comes the fearful part, I find it hard separating 4rm FAMILY!.


  1. Ann kip it burning sad I'm nt part of it all.

  2. wow, my eyes were glued to the screen till the words came to an end. quite interesting and emotional too. this all happened in 2008? Now i got a sad face on as it came to an end. I'm expecting the next post...nice one Wunmmie. :)

  3. hi Osagz.. it felt great.. knowing you came on here to definitely will get a sequel of excerpt from my past journals... but do direct people on here, i mean spread the word.. don't be for dropping by...