Friday, November 6, 2009

Why i'll love something about you for all time

As far as am concerned Dr Sid has made his first evergreen record with this tune, and am sure my grand kids will still find it relevant when they get me the song is not just a love song, its a piece i believe came out of the abundance of the songwriter's experience with the female folk as he traversed the globe doing what he does (tour performances i guess) and getting to a place with new lady in his life that eventually gives him the aha! which got him confessing and professing how love crazed she got him plus he din't stop there in his desperate plea to this leading lady he paints a futuristic picture of what their life together can be(the hook Don Jazzy mesmerizes with his Oliver De coqueish voice aww!) amongst other things such as

  • my six yr old sings it with ease and am not uncomfortable about it
  • its so clean and positive to the ear, having such a love song to sing in this era of dirty and erotic songs dripping with lewd contents/lyrics... shows that this artiste very concerned about his burgeoning fan base.
  • of cos the beat wizard(Don Jazzy) killed the beat!, the Ebenezer Obey strings on the beat is so over killing..
  • it appeals to even my old folks - when my mama sings it i see this light in her eyes,it gives me so much joy, cos she's always worried about how the emerging 9ja artistes are about shake ur something,hennessy,paraga and the lots seeing her appreciate this song is a very big high for me
  • the hook is stupidly funny and clownish but layed with deep positive confession, afterall when we all pray about our future those things mentioned therein are paert of what we ask,infact its what every single guy or chic wants;a faithful spouse,comfort, bright and intelligent seeds,a happy household with kids that love their parents,wealth and your personal roof that shelters your family, the hook goes:
oya say oyoyo,mommy &daddy oyoyo
our children go say oyoyo
we go get money full the gorodom
we go start to dey live like olowo
we go buy big house for sokoto
our children no go be olodo
no cheating and no ojoro....

imagine singing that part of the song all day everyday?..not even singing it...praying it...for me they are powerful words,we were thot that we'll have what we say in Faith clinics no be so? tell me why i shdn't sing oya oyoyo till i get married to that faithful husby of mine,give Timi efiko siblings like he is already,while at it,still singing it till we build our beach house, have enough wealth to do God's work,bless people and live in our own little heaven we'll create with our wealth and love..ehn?.. tell me na?
NB:to listen something about you by Dr Sid click on my sound cloud link on top part of my page.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Persona o' D Week

Meet Adedoyin Kafidipe, fondly called Dido by moi,she's the first inductee into my fave person o' the week hall..she quite a discipline in Petrochemical engineering shortly after her industial attachment from NNPC 2 years ago,to follow her dream of being an extraordinary designer,a move which got her parents irate, she enrolled with the last dime she could muster in a Fashion school in Festac surburb(Foluke's alternative)to learn basic cutting and designing, so and in less than three weeks Doyin was already getting outsourced jobs and earning some change on the side,the training which was meant to take an average of six months was not a thang to her, in her 3rd month she had already started cutting patterns and her clientele was another challenge for her, notletting the money deter her Doyin's next conquest was to go aquire more skill in the UK she applied into top fashion school in the UK, armed with experience and fresh skill set, this proudly 9ja Diva is packing her bags to return home unlike the lots who'll rather stay in mama Charlies country, to take on the fashion industry and of cos her rightful place at the to at the top...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our Words

In your words, you were like

Am tired
tired of lies
tired of pretences
tired of selfishness

and all relationship NO No's
I want sommin else!
sommin Inpiring..
like your hug
sommin spontaneous
like your sweetness

I swear i wanna get with you
.....can't believe am revealing my soul to you on sms!

I'd l love to see you
pls don't say the word NO.....

In my words I'd have said:
you took me by surprise

in my mind's eye
i see

i see opportunities
i see possiblities
where two hearts,minds,bodies, and souls can....

interlock,interweave,intertwine, to become...

a lone existence but.....
Inhibitions,restrictions,convictions and emotions

are building bridges

bridges we might never cross alone to meet each other
bridges we might not cross together
to be under one cover
to weather whatever

And speak of each other Lover
where our cultural variations
would not have mattered.

But.... I smell rat in your voice
I see pretense in your moves
I feel deceit vibrating from your heart

My intuitions can't be wrong...
The discerning from my Spirit can't be doubted

Even the fluctuations from your eyeballs betray...You

Verity denies you...

Your emotions are...

are Phoney..


May '07

Monday, November 2, 2009


since the Doc placed you in my arms
i knew i had a spectacular man
strong lungs,bones and will
we gon' shine, ride thru the tide
my mistakes..a glorious one
no regrets about you cos
you be da best, u came with a crest
they say we go thru something to get thru something
no sleepin cos u awoken my purpose
my stumbling block now my stepin stone
my comeback's greater than my setbacks
wot mo' can i say?
tnx ma & pa for not bailing out on me
Dad wld you believe ma kid would luv Hymns like you do?
Mom, you are gold indeed,you took my shit
you deserve the crown, you are one amongst many
wot a gold money can't buy
see av better myself no nid to cry

to those kwik to judge me
if you be without no demon o' yours
cast the first stone..aha!
am only abased to admit
now am walkin the road with no regrets
but with crests only bravehearts deserve

Lagos Island Maternity
1.40 pm August 22nd 2003
after 15 hours , forty minutes of burglary proof pullin,
high toned wailing,subconcious praying,
breathing exercises and pushing
my joy bundle showed up
couldn't hold back the euphoria
tears and smiles all at once
since that day my life only got better
now my 6 yr old is a star in every word of it
Luvs music like Maamma and talks non-stop like papa.

this piece is for people like me at some point;confused,afraid and
needy-be be strong,bravehearts make sweethearts,Be u,uncompromising,dogged,rugged
and on point,remember there's always a reward for bravery..

Wunmmie Benjamin

April '07

Friday, October 30, 2009

Bragging rights i guess it is..

Born, Omowunmi Hannah Benjamin Jnr, into a family of eight, the last child of Captain Alexander Alaba and Esther Benjamin. studied audiovisual communications studies from the college of medicine idi-araba, university of Lagos from the department of biomedical studies.

Wunmi’s incursion into entertainment began unlike an average showbiz prodigy, from her father’s sitting room, entertaining her father’s guild of friends and associations alongside her siblings, each time he hosts a gathering in their home, something close to the infamous Vontrap family from the sound of music, her father a choir master and a contemporary music lover initiated wunmi into public appearances and performing from the age of six, singing and reciting memorizations in church and summer camps.

As a precocious little child that she was, she took keen interest in listening to the radio and also would rush to the front of the TV every night to watch the network news, wondering in her little mind how the newscasters could reel out all they said in an hour long show from their heart, reading the newspaper too was part of her, as he siblings took turns in reading at the weekends in her house way back then, opening her up into entertainment, the scandals and stories about entertainers and as each day passed, she was sucked into the media ,in ’97 she heard of a presenter’s audition on raypower 100.5 fm tagged the ”crazy presenter’s competition” an entered for it, though no winner was announced but she ended up being the only participant that was absorbed and trained as a presenter under the watch of Dennis “Da Menace” Ogi and Lola” L Boogie” Mogaji and moved on to become one of the youngest freelance presenter the station produced, she had a brief stint with Rhythm 93.7 fm co-presenting with Loknan “Eldee” Dombin and Steve “shaking steve” Aspelling on the Guiness Dance Party, she later joined Brila fm in 2003 as one of the female voices on the station with the likes of OG Onazi and Fatima Dasilva, leaving barely three months after out of compulsion to have her son. Wunmi has also worked with and contributed in few magazines beginning with Festac breed, a community periodical, Eminence, Phat entertainment magazines and was in charge of the entertainment desk of The Scroll Weekly Magazines for two quarters in ’09.

Through all her broadcasting and journalism adventure ,music has always being a constant in wunmi’s life, listening to rap music with her elder brothers, being rap schooled by the likes of Ruff,Rugged & Raw, and the bombrush crew and Rabbi of Def O’ Clan, singing in the church choir, belonging to a hip-hop group called “Afrocentric click” in the late ‘90s onto early 2000,auditioning for “GIRLS NITE OUT” an all-girl event organized by Ayo Animashaun of SMOOTH PRODUCTIONS and several other events, was all a precursor and also a platform through which she gained competence in the entertainment industry and polished her skill sets she’s worked with Walter Taylaur’s 101 productions as an A&R executive and Personal assistant to Walter Taylaur in ’08, she was the A&R Manager of Bayo Howie T Odusami’s KISS MUSIC from Jan ’09 up until July ‘09

Tending to the careers of the likes of African China, Black Solo, Street Disciple and Deudomariam.

Wunmi, is currently putting in place mechanics to get her entertainment company off the ground come the first quarter of 2010.