Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our Words

In your words, you were like

Am tired
tired of lies
tired of pretences
tired of selfishness

and all relationship NO No's
I want sommin else!
sommin Inpiring..
like your hug
sommin spontaneous
like your sweetness

I swear i wanna get with you
.....can't believe am revealing my soul to you on sms!

I'd l love to see you
pls don't say the word NO.....

In my words I'd have said:
you took me by surprise

in my mind's eye
i see

i see opportunities
i see possiblities
where two hearts,minds,bodies, and souls can....

interlock,interweave,intertwine, to become...

a lone existence but.....
Inhibitions,restrictions,convictions and emotions

are building bridges

bridges we might never cross alone to meet each other
bridges we might not cross together
to be under one cover
to weather whatever

And speak of each other as....my Lover
where our cultural variations
would not have mattered.

But.... I smell rat in your voice
I see pretense in your moves
I feel deceit vibrating from your heart

My intuitions can't be wrong...
The discerning from my Spirit can't be doubted

Even the fluctuations from your eyeballs betray...You

Verity denies you...

Your emotions are...

are Phoney..


May '07


  1. simply amazing; well thot and presented..... sure wish i could write like u.

  2. Hey Doug tnk u 4 d encomium, u sure can, read more learn mo'lol...am am sure the blog is still teething, come here very often alrite.. u'll always find relief i promise u alright? wld love u to go join in following, go click on the following box...tnk u..