Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Persona o' D Week

Meet Adedoyin Kafidipe, fondly called Dido by moi,she's the first inductee into my fave person o' the week hall..she quite a discipline in Petrochemical engineering shortly after her industial attachment from NNPC 2 years ago,to follow her dream of being an extraordinary designer,a move which got her parents irate, she enrolled with the last dime she could muster in a Fashion school in Festac surburb(Foluke's alternative)to learn basic cutting and designing, so and in less than three weeks Doyin was already getting outsourced jobs and earning some change on the side,the training which was meant to take an average of six months was not a thang to her, in her 3rd month she had already started cutting patterns and her clientele was another challenge for her, notletting the money deter her Doyin's next conquest was to go aquire more skill in the UK she applied into top fashion school in the UK, armed with experience and fresh skill set, this proudly 9ja Diva is packing her bags to return home unlike the lots who'll rather stay in mama Charlies country, to take on the fashion industry and of cos her rightful place at the to at the top...


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